Nicole Little


I am a visual artist interested in creating art that reflects the lives of real people. As I enter into the world of public art, I am actively seeking out projects which allow me to reflect the values of community and inclusive beauty. Thoughts about art and community: I believe that the art that genuinely reflects real, diverse people is the art that endures. It is with that mindset that I find my subjects and draw what I see, not the imagined ideal.

Thoughts About Art and Community

My goals are to draw every Torontonian and convince everyone of them that they can draw too! I am particularly interested in representing the city's beautiful diversity of faces.


I work with children and adults teaching art techniques and encouraging artistic expression. My primary focus is on drawing and mix media techniques, although I do also enjoy working with clay and creating jewelry. My teaching style is energetic and very positive. I genuinely believe that we are all capable of artistic expression and that it is only once we develop our skills that we discover our talents.