Maryam Hafizirad

Organization Details


Maryam Hafizirad is an Iranian painter, born in Esfahan, who is deaf. She graduated from Esfahan University of Fine Arts in 2002. Maryam's first exhibition was in Iran at the age of 18. Since then her work has been shown individually and as part of the artistic group "Farda", meaning "Tomorrow", in major cities of Iran, China, Germany, Malaysia and India. Following her heart's desire and performing well-beyond the imagined limitations of her hearing impairment, Maryam is a full-time artist today. Her art works are currently shown in several art exhibitions across Toronto. Her passion for painting is the greatest engine driving force to succeed in the hearing world.

Thoughts About Art and Community

All of my work has left a great impression on many communities (hearing, deaf, art) across the globe. For example, my work has been shown in the deaf community, being part of De'VIA (Deaf View/Image Art). It has been traditionally known for painting, sculpture, photography or film as representations of Deaf experience. My art production was innovative in the fusion of De’VIA painting, photography and film into one art installation. My film had movement just as our sign language flows. It complemented the static images of our beautiful, silent, free world that I portrayed with my symbols and collages, being overlaid on photographs. This greatly impacted on the viewers' perspectives as it is a new De’VIA technique/style integrating photography, My other art works were exhibited at George Brown College and they left a lasting positive effect on the art/hearing communities by giving them the chance to interact together (deaf/hearing/all races) with a common language through art. I hope to be able to instill a positive vision to people about the deaf community so that everyone can look towards the future with a clearer vision in creating positive changes in local communities.


I offer painting, drawing, crafts, pottery, ceramics, and photography. I also teach music in ASL (American Sign Language).