Angie Aranda

Organization Details

25 York Street, 2nd Floor
Toronto , Ontario
M5J 2V5

Email: angie (at)torontoarts(dot)org


Angie has an extensive background in partnership development, event management, and communications, with numerous years of arts administration experience. She is an active member of the arts community, particularly through her photography practice. She holds a Double Honours BA from York University with a focus on Film & Video and Communication Studies. Angie is also a member on the advisory board for East End Arts and AVNU.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Community-engaged art-making is a unique and effective approach to community building that fosters relationships between artists and residents, while producing exciting, unique art, and nurturing mentoring opportunities. The result is a dynamic explosion of creativity that changes how art is made, how communities are built, and how we live together.


Type of activities offered : - Photography - Art Direction - Event /programming planning and consultation - Communication/social media skills