Gabriela Delworth

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Toronto , Ontario


Toronto Botanical Garden Adult Education Instructor. Certified Instructional Designer & Facilitator with an interest in designing, developing and facilitating creative courses for adult learners. I am also an accomplished and published Crafts Designer who loves making things. My specialties include: flower pressing and paper art. When I’m not facilitating workshops, I love gardening, cooking, hiking and traveling. If you’d like to learn more about how my workshops can help your company, please reach out via email (

Thoughts About Art and Community

I design, develop and teach all my creative workshops for adult learners. Teaching is such a rewarding experience for me. It brings my community together. Taking a workshop is a great opportunity for spending time and learning a new hobby or skill among like-minded people. The best part is when participants take home their new creations! Such a great achievement. My Toronto Botanical Workshops are on hold due to COVID-19.


Workshop topics: flower pressing, flower art, paper art, card making, gift wrapping, Christmas and more.