Gabriela Casineanu

Organization Details

Toronto , ON
M5M 3A9

Phone: 416-258-9044


A multidisciplinary artist, award-winning author, and professional coach, Gabriela considers life as a self-discovery journey worth exploring. While her career started in engineering, her creative and curious soul found a way to turn things around through artistic expressions: art photography as a powerful metaphor that connects nature with human nature … photo-coaching books inviting to self-reflection ... artsy necklaces from the pure desire to find her own her style … while her spiritual journey led to intuitive painting! Gabriela has more than 10 years of experience in designing and facilitating highly interactive and experiential workshops for career development and entrepreneurship growth. A grant recipient of the Ontario Arts Council, she loves to explore life with the curiosity of a child! :-)

Thoughts About Art and Community

* Encourages and supports creativity and self-expression • Builds and strengthen communities * Helps artists and creatives build a more entrepreneurial mindset • Helps immigrants to express more through writing, to build bridges between cultures, inner and outer worlds, and communities


• highly interactive and experiential workshops for career development • highly interactive and experiential workshops for (creative) entrepreneurship growth • interactive workshops on various topics: social media, Wordpress website design, image editing (free) • writing and self-publishing • group sessions to increase creativity, avoiding procrastination, decision making, getting unstuck, creative problem solving • group sessions that encourage self-expression