Full Circle- Art Therapy Centre

Organization Details

Toronto , Ontario
Email: fullcircleatc@gmail.com


Our Mission We provide free mental health services to a variety of populations in the GTA, through group and individual art therapy sessions. We focus on a person’s positive strengths and allow each person to express their authentic self through creative means tailored to their needs. Our Vision We are committed to deliver free mental health services for all and to create lasting connections within different communities.

Thoughts About Art and Community

We will provide art therapy to individuals experiencing mental health issues, free of charge, in order to aid them in their personal healing journeys. Additionally, we will be creating greater access to mental health services throughout the GTA, since waiting lists for traditional mental health services are quite long and free services are quite obscure. We also aim to spread awareness around mental health issues through public exhibits of our clients' artwork.


We offer free art therapy services to community/social resource centres in the GTA. We provide art therapy groups and individual art therapy to individuals who access community supports in the GTA. Presently, we are partnered with three different community organizations: The Gatehouse, Egale Youth OUTreach, and the YWCA- Elm Centre.