D.I.V.A. - Diversity in Video_Audio_and Arts

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D.I.V.A. stands for Diversity in Video, Audio & the Arts. Created in 2009 by True Daley & Geena Lee, the D.I.V.A. Program is an education and training workshop series in music, media and the performing arts for young women of colour (aged 15-25) living in low-income neighbourhoods. This FREE program currently runs in partnership with the City of Toronto, three times a year in 9-week intervals at Driftwood Community Centre. Each session ends with the DIVAFEST showcase, which participants take part in planning as well as performing their original pieces created while in the program. All graduates receive a CD & DVD entitled 'Diva Diaries', featuring their original creative works. By providing a safe space for learning, participants are taught creative, technical, and professional skills from established women of colour in the music and media industries. Along with its regularly scheduled classes, the D.I.V.A. program is mobile and is available for contracted workshops and presentations at any school, community centre or organization that is in need of their services. Run by women of colour for women of colour, the aim of the D.I.V.A. program is to empower and educate participants in a way that is sensitive to their culture, ethnicity and gender.

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