Center For Digital Storytelling Canada

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An international nonprofit training, project development, and research organization that assists youth and adults around the world in using digital media tools to craft and record meaningful stories from their lives and share these stories in ways that enable learning, build community, and inspire justice. Our primary focus is on building partnerships with community, educational, and business institutions to develop large-scale, customized digital storytelling initiatives in health, social services, education, historic and cultural preservation, community development, human rights, environmental justice, and other sectors. At the core of our work is a commitment to narrative, an enduring respect for the power of individual voices and a deep set of values and principles that recognize how sharing and bearing witness to stories can lead to learning, action, and positive change. Over the last fifteen years, our work has spanned the United States and Canada and spread around the world. Our clients and funders include grassroots groups and organizations across the globe.

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