Celia Wilson

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I am a recent graduate from the University of Windsor where I had the privilege of experiencing and learning a variety of different artistic mediums. I am extremely passionate about continuing a multi-faceted artistic practice. Although Visual Arts is my main interest, I truly have a love for all things creative. My desire to be a part of the arts world is what has fueled my decision to seek a position in the arts administration field. The diversification within the Neighbourhood arts Network organization will allow me to continue my learning about what the Toronto and North American art scene has to offer. At an early age, I have involved myself with arts and culture activities. I attended visual arts workshops at a local facility called the Peel Heritage Complex in Brampton Ontario. After excelling in the program I was ask to come back as an assistant instructor. Perhaps that was the spark because since then I have found opportunities to instruct or help organize instructional visual arts activities.

Thoughts About Art and Community