Rokhsar MousaviNezhad


I am a freelance artist in the field of hand knotted rugs design and production

Thoughts About Art and Community

Handmade carpet is an art and craft which is rooted in the culture and history of the Iranian people. Regardless of the artistic aspect, handmade carpets, whether it is used as flooring (consumer product) or in the form of visual arts, is a valuable asset. Apart from its usage as a covering, handmade carpets also have aesthetic importance and can be eye-catching in the role of a beautiful carpet and bring positive warmth and energy into the home of enthusiasts. Carpet weaving is not just a hobby, but it also gives the creator a positive feeling and spirit of creating a beautiful art piece, something that is strongly needed in this pandemic era. As a designing artist and producer with 15 years of experience in this field, I would be happy to be able to teach this art and craft to others.


Teaching, designing, and production of handmade carpets. holding workshops and exhibitions of rugs and flooring. consulting on interior design