Tate Peacock

Organization Details

Toronto , Ontario
M5P 2B4

Email: tatepeacock@gmail.com


I am an emerging artist with experience and training from OCAD University. I am an innovative, adaptable problem-solver with strong communication skills both visual and interpersonal. I am skilled at conceptualizing and visualizing creative projects and meeting tight deadlines. I am an engaged, self-driven creative who draws upon my personal and professional experiences as well as my education to create unique works that add value to projects and initiatives. My sculpture practice revolves around the different ways we show care towards the relationships we have with the people and the objects we share our homes with. I want the hidden moments of the home to be seen and valued, and for the seemingly unimportant gestures of the home to be frozen and reassessed. Paying special attention to the first house, the house we grow up in, is important to my practice as it is one of the most formative, familial spaces we experience. It is where we fall heir to the habits, rituals, and possessions of our relatives. I’ve always been interested in investigating the interactions between humans and objects in the home, questioning their dynamics, and exploring them with small sculptures and found objects. I strive to emphasize the value of these human-object relationships while simultaneously examining the consequences of such communions.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I think my work can help people find comfort and intrigue in their own homes. During my final year at OCADU, I studied the space of the home through sculpture. Afterwards, I continued to study it in a different way, this time by inhabiting it almost constantly due to the global pandemic. Lately, we have all experienced our homes more intensely than ever before. I think it’s important to acknowledge this shift and think critically about its effects, both positive and negative.


I’m familiar with sculptural mediums such as plaster, latex, and silicone as well as drawing mediums such as graphite, acrylic, oil, gouache, and pencil crayon. I also have experience with rug tufting. I am very good at creative problem solving, especially when it comes to sculpting in a home studio. I love hearing about people’s projects and, when they ask for it, offering advice on how to physically go about building it. I also have a solid understanding of critique and have extensive experience critiquing work. I think critiques are important and helpful for everyone involved and I would love to facilitate and/or participate in group critiques. I have very good organizational skills and am excellent at time-management. I can offer administrative assistance, skill sharing, and informed conversation.