Radhika Baskar


Brief Bio-Data of Radhika Baskar Radhika Baskar is an accomplished Veena exponent of traditional Carnatic Music with skills in improvisation. Radhika received her musical training under the tutelage of Late Mysore C. Krishnamurthy. She considers herself fortunate to hone her musical skills through additional coaching received from the legendary Gurus S.R. Janakiraman, T.N. Seshagopalan and A. Kanyakumari. Radhika was awarded the National Scholarship as Young Artist by the Department of Culture, Government of India. She was also a recipient of fellowship from the Department of Culture, Government of India to carry out a research project on rare ragas in Carnatic music. Radhika is a performing artist with All India Radio and Doordarshan for many years. She has also performed concerts for various Indian Television channels. Radhika has rendered numerous solo music concerts, as well as, participated in musical ensembles on prestigious platforms in several Indian states and international locations.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Veena , also called the Saraswati veena is an ancient Indian instrument and holds a rich cultural heritage. . Its a plucked string instrument and its rich tone has a soothing effect on the listeners. Music that resonates from this instrument is said to be effective to stimulate our nerves. The ragas in Indian music is believed to help in alleviating certain ailments. My performances will definitely be an enriching experience to the listeners. I can play both the traditional and comtemporary music on the veena. As i am exposed to different genres of music, I am capable of playing music according to the situation and make it catchy which captivates the audience. Even the people who don't know this genre of music can enjoy the music from the veena equally well through my performances. The one who learns the art of playing the veena has many benefits


I am a concert performer, like doing solo concerts with percussion accompaniments. I collaborate with other instruments artists on stage. I perform for ensembles. I am also a recording artist and collaborate with musicians of other genres to bring out fusion music and albums. I teach and conduct music worshops.