Nick Storring


I am a composer, musician, music journalist, and curator. My musical work spans delicate chamber compositions to meticulously constructed recordings consisting solely of my own overdubbed instrumental performances. My music has been showcased by leading artists/ organizations in contemporary music including Oxford UK's Audiograft Festival, Esprit Orchestra, Sophia Subbayya Vastek, Thin Edge New Music Collective, Quatuor Bozzini and Vancouver New Music. I have also been commissioned by Eve Egoyan, Arraymusic, Soundstreams, and AKOUSMA (Montréal). Winner of the Canadian Music Centre's 2011 Toronto Emerging Composer Award, I also placed first in the 2008 Jeux De Temps competition for electroacoustic composition. I am an avid collaborator and do so across disciplinary bounds. I've composed for films by Terrance Odette, Ingrid Veninger and, with Dafydd Hughes, for Katerina Cizek's award-winning web documentary High Rise : Universe Within. I also scored teh 'ambient gaming environment' Tentacle, which travelled worldwide notably to New York's Museum of Modern Art in 2011. I've also worked extensively with dance artists including Yvonne Ng, Brandy Leary, and Deepti Gupta. My writing has received a National Magazine Award nomination, appeared in notable publications such as the Wire, and Musicworks, and accompanied notable recordings. I was the co-founder of now-defunct venue Ratio, and have since started concert presenter Riparian Acoustics.

Thoughts About Art and Community

It's hard to measure the impact of my own music-making but insofar as my other endeavours — curation, music writing and otherwise, I always have a community mindset about what I do. Fostering community is my primary motivation when pursuing these activities. I like to shed light on music that might normally be perceived as esoteric or marginal and frame it manner that is welcoming and accessible—that strips it of the misconceptions about requiring specialized knowledge to enjoy it. For me experimental sound practices can be enjoyed by anyone that's curious. I'm intrigued by whetting people's appetites for this sort of work but also creating bridges between more familiar sonic territory and lesser-known soundworlds.


- original music composition - sound design - performance on cello and other instruments - writing on music from reviews to feature articles. - concert curation/ promotion - grant-writing - publicity services for artists operating within various exploratory music forms