Arshin Agashteh

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Toronto , Ontario

Phone: 6478078841


As an Iranian artist and art instructor I am holding two Bachelor’s degrees; one in painting and another in clinical psychology, and also, I have a master of art in illustration. I came to Toronto in 2019. I have had many solo and group exhibitions inside and outside of my country like: Seattle, Florence, Beirut,... Some of my works have been curated by other curators like Fereydoon Ave and Vahid Sharifian. The subjects of my artworks, mostly have been about children, war, and nature. These days I am thinking about the role of humankind in nature. Why should we suppose ourselves as the best creation in the world? Why do we think we have permission to change the condition of everything? Is it possible to continue this way as much as we can? Or, there could be a power in nature that is able to ignore and eliminate us? Usually, I work with different media and techniques. But, recently I am working with some kinds of resins which help me to create different shining textures like jewelleries and gemstones: some precious elements from nature.

Thoughts About Art and Community

This kind of “Community Art” can let the people explain their own experiences about Covid 19 with others; they can release their griefs, and share it with other people like themselves. Or, with people who have not engaged in this kind of sickness, but they could be able to help them with their sympathy and empathy. Moreover, the experiences of people who lost their family or friends, can inform others about the way the people have been infected. In addition to our donation of fast drawings to each person who has lost someone, Ideally, I am thinking of having some online speaking and workshops of drawing to help them to express their feelings.


As I mentioned, I am thinking about the role of humankind’s thought and activity these days. In addition, all of us are concerned about recent events we are experiencing that derive from our action to nature. So, I offer a project which can inform people about our action in our environment, and soothe the people who have lost their family or friends due to Covid 19. The project is some kind of Community Art that Includes three parts; The first part is a page on Facebook or Instagram to connect the people, especially those who have lost someone. They can write their experiences about the cause of the sickness. Secondly, there is an online gallery full of sketches we create, and each person can choose one of them and have it for free. These sketches are very fast drawing with a collage text on it by me and my husband. We have already started a page on Instagram for it. Finally, we can have some online speaking, drawing, and collage classes.