Vik Hovanisian

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Franco-Armenian, raised in many cultures and languages through travels, I'm a multi-faceted artist. My work spans several genres including theatre, dance, writing, visual and performance art. Graduate of the Conservatoire d’art dramatique(Paris-Fr), I lived in Africa, Russia, France and am currently based in Toronto. My work is mainly centred on asking questions about our modern human condition, solitude and failure, resulting from not being able to consider carefully enough our bodies, which is our major and graceful tool to be in touch with whatever is surrounding us. Before even being able to be rebellious, we need to integrate a natural movement, a sort of harmony. That is why my writing is inspired from artistic movement: acting, dancing, singing, etc. Knowing and accepting ourselves before addressing the exterior world is key, as fears, which lead to the worst human deviations, create a general and social malaise affecting especially our western societies.

Thoughts About Art and Community

My work/involvement in arts aim to contribute to the foundation of a new multicultural and open societies. I grew up questioning the frontiers/citizenships/cultural mentalities. While trying to better understand how to make bridges and crossroads between differences, I realised that walls were taller than I thought. Systems. Framing human with their broad complexity,liberty,creation. Decades&decades of insecurity and misunderstanding. Leading to stereotypes and violence. As T.Morrison states: “I was longing for and missing some aspect of myself, and that there are no strangers only versions of ourselves. In Toronto I had the opportunity to actually connect with a diversity I was striving to reach. My word became bolder as did my commitment, as I evolved in a space which values the difference and where assimilation is less constraining than in Europe. I am trying with my work- in writing and co-creating - to connect different langages and cultures, mentalities, ways of seeing things, different fields of arts, too. I'm craving to create more works where we can speak different languages and still understand each other, one character can act and another dance with just saying the same thing. Multiplicity in a unity. That's what I'm trying to express in my work. To answer this question, in an upside down way, I think that TO communities and diversities have an incredible impact and positive effect on my work, hence I'm driven to highlight this complexe mult-diversity in my work.


Theatre workshops (Fr&Eng) Mouvement & Automatic Writing I'm an actor, playwright/writer, performing artist. And I work currently with Lua Shayenne Dance Company - as the administrator.