Rihaan Patel Films

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Mississauga , Ontario


Phone: 647-451-9554
Email: info@rihaanpatel.com


I believe in giving voice to higher truth by my storytelling talent. I question unacceptable social norms and practices through fiction or non-fiction storytelling format. My storytelling medium is film and my filmmaking philosophy is influenced by Italian Neorealism which means showing how the world really is, giving voice to underrepresented voices. I don’t know why but it is my inborn talent to identify wrong things in society and showing the way it is through films. While I was in India, my initiative named ‘Lost and Found’ intended to bring awareness to specific national and social issues. I can proudly say that my films crossed million of views without any marketing efforts. I believe truth as its own power to reach to the masses. I won several international awards and got recognised by prestigious media outlet. My documentary titled ‘Footpath School’ is recognised by University of Toronto Public Library and also appreciated by prestigious world personality such as Malal Yousafzai. Here in Canada, I’m intending to make significant contribution in the world of Cinema. I’m committed and dedicated for Cinematic Excellence.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Event hough people in Toronto have different ethnic background but they all are ONE. Things that makes them ONE are Canadian values such as fairness, inclusion, diversity and equality. My films are aim to make community more tolerant, empathetic and harmonious towards each others.


I help mission driven businesses, activists, artist, and social impact organisation to advocate their cause through my films. I have mastered the craft of realism in filmmaking and help others to be benefited by my talent.