Stay Golden

Organization Details

37 Glen Watford Drive
Toronto , Ontario
M1S 2C2

Phone: 647-705-0307


Stay Golden is an arts-based outreach program for youth by youth. We use stories and language to form communities that understand the bigger purpose and power of the stories they share. The organization supports youth (14 - 25) in Toronto. We aim to empower youth to express themselves, create meaningful connections, improve their communication skills and share their stories with a world that often underestimates their value.

Thoughts About Art and Community

By understanding and facilitating youth to share their stories, we believe we can have a positive impact on Toronto through sharing a perspective that is often overlooked. If the next generation can grow into a world already adapting to their voice, the transition from young adults into leaders and artists can be smooth and meaningful. Mental health and systemic issues also plague youth in the communities we live in, and as such we believe a creative outlet can assist youth in coping with their difficulties. Providing safe spaces where youth can bounce their stories off each other allows for them to feel heard and important; a critically lacking department in modern Toronto.


Stay Golden primarily focuses its current creative efforts on workshops for youth in the community, where they can learn and connect. We endeavor to deliver informative workshops that engage and educate youth. In the future with more funding and staff, Stay Golden strives to output many more quality workshops that are leagues above our current offerings, host events to share the stories and talents of youth we have connected, supply youth with career starting opportunities like networking, and give youth the tools to allow for real change in their communities.