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Richmond Hill , ON



Sheida Jahangard holds a Bachelor of Graphic Design and a Master’s in Illustration. Sheida has illustrated many books and magazines. she also has more than 10 years of experience in teaching graphic in the state organization of education in her home country(Tehran,Iran). More than 13 years of experience in working with advertising companies in the field of graphic design and illustration. she was supervisor of advertising and packaging design of pharmaceutical products of Kharazmi Pharmaceutical Company for 3 years. Sheida also has the experience of participating in domestic exhibitions in the country.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Having a different perspective and creative design is very effective in better introducing the services of businesses and organizations. Also, having experience in teaching art can be effective in developing children's creativity and intelligence. Sheida using her expertise in the field of children's book illustration to create a better connection between the child and the subject of the book and she makes them better acquainted with the culture of reading books.


Graphic Design--> Poster, Logo, Business card, Catalog, Billboard, Cover design, Children's book illustration, Icon for app, UX and UI Abstract painting, Print, Art and graphic design Teaching to children from 4-18 years.