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on-line digital art
Toronto , Ontario
M5S 1M4



I am a photographer and media artist provoking emotional responses & conversations; making public and private spaces more beautiful and engaging & creating experiential/interactive social impact art that amplifies connection related to Gratitude, Safe Housing and Homelessness and Mental Health and Wellness.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I am a fine art photographer and artist who strives to make people feel a palpable energy in his work and create large-scale, experiential, interactive installations designed to engage, inspire and positively change our world. My social impact art projects start with an intention and question posed to participants and then seeks action/interaction to elevate connections and conversations. For Toronto Communities i am trying to elevate connection and conversations around Gratitude, Safe Shelter/Homelessness and Mental Health and Wellness. Other public installations are meant to beautify the city-scape and places where we live.


Interactive art experiences and art exhibitions and public installations to make Toronto more engaging and beautiful so far via my work as a Patch Project artist.


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