Project Humanity

Organization Details

Toronto , ON


Project: Humanity (PH) is a socially-engaged theatre company founded in 2008. Based in Toronto, but active nationally, PH believes the performing arts can bring disparate groups together and help them listen more compassionately. We’ve become one of the country’s leading developers of Verbatim Theatre, a journalistic form of theatre that involves transforming original interview transcripts into ‘live documentaries’ for the stage. The PH Youth arm of the company, operating in both high schools and the youth shelter system, has impacted the lives of over 19,000 students since we incorporated ten years ago.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Many young people have limited opportunities to destress, be playful and use their imaginations. Our workshops bolster confidence, communication skills, teamwork skills, and problem-solving. These skills become transferrable to other contexts (i.e. job interviews, school, personal relationships). We see value in softening barriers between young people and the community-at-large. Privileging marginalized voices in the theatre makes for a more compassionate society by increasing social awareness, and advancing the art of listening. Our work resonates strongly with young people. Creating work that inspires and activates youth audiences ensures the future health of our communities and democracy.


PH : THEATRE PH creates original theatrical experiences for the public using VerbatimTheatre. HOW WE DO IT: We collaborate with underserved and under- represented communities from the outset of a creative project. We use honed and innovative theatre-making practices to create our own brand of socially-engaged theatre. We hire the best artist collaborators in the country. We share this work broadly while maintaining our ethical responsibility to the community-of-origin. PH : YOUTH PH creates opportunities for young people to express themselves creatively, explore social issues using drama, and break down social barriers in their communities. HOW WE DO IT: We bring weekly drama workshops into the youth shelter system. We offer in-school Verbatim Theatre workshops to Toronto high schools. We train facilitators and artists in our specific methodology. We create a safe space and nurture meaningful relationships with participants through our style of group facilitation and our commitment to showing up regularly.