Peggy Sue Deaven

Organization Details

192 Spadina Avenue
Toronto , Ontario
M5T 2C2


I am a Canadian newcomer that is transitioning to a career within the Literary Arts. I have had experience public speaking, facilitating and storytelling. I am looking to take those experiences, combined with my developing creative interests and develop my literary voice through short stories, memoirs and spoken narrative.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I strive to generate genuinely positive impact and interconnected community ties using experiential arts engagement techniques. I believe that our stories have the greatest potential to draw us together and share our common threads of humanity. I love when a group of strangers is able to come together, hold a kind and generous space, and activate it into an empathetic and engaging community of members.


Public speaking, short stories, and spoken narratives, experiential community arts engagement, digital facilitation of arts mediums