R.M. Shaw

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Toronto , Ontario
M5A 0M8


I am a young, emerging author of immigrant fiction, postcolonial fiction and realism. I am a millennial who grew up in the city of Bombay (Mumbai) and moved to Toronto 3 years back. I have firsthand, lived experience of the cultural alienation experienced by newcomers to Canada. My experiences, and the experiences of the socio-political, cultural and financial migrants around me, inform my works of fiction.

Thoughts About Art and Community

The act of writing offers me a sense of agency as I navigate my identity in this new and unfamiliar society. I write because I have a compelling desire to narrate the stories of those from under-represented communities in Toronto, like me. These communities and the wealth of ancient traditions and the wisdom encapsulated in them have the potential to contribute richly to Canadian literature, if we foster them and permit them to flourish. The stories in my collection examine the hopes, dreams, fears, and feelings of disorientation experienced by immigrants at various stages of the Great Canadian Dream: acquiring permanent residency and, ultimately, citizenship.


My current collection of short stories straddles two worlds--the East and the West. I write of the inner conflicts of my protagonists as they live hyphenated lives, staying true to their roots while aspiring to be a force of positive change in the West.