Maeiam Mughsayan

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I was born in Armenia and I am an artist. In 2020 I moved to Toronto to discover a new world. In Armenia in 2014 I have founded an Art centre which is giving art education to children with disability, and children from disadvantaged neighborhood, the art center also empowers women through artistic projects. My artwork is a sequence of completely different stages of my emotional and mental development, one that is largely devoid of manners and relies on my intense emotional experiences and visions. Sometimes art brings me to reality and usually this is what makes me feel alive and gives me a reason to live for. During painting I am trying not to frame my imagination inside the limits of academic art but to convey main meaning main message I have. At the same time, life has its own plans about us, and our life events change our lives, so that happened to me too, and in previous two years I began strongly believing that art can change social norms. My art also aims to empower women, because gender equality problem still exists in modern world ans as a woman I can raise women empowerment problem, and as an artist I can't stay indifferent to the problems of the society, through the means of my art I can raise my voice.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Breast cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer among women. Specialists claim that early diagnosis of cancer may prolong life by 5 and more years, therefore, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination once a year. At the same time, most women prefer not to undergo surgery, since they perceive breast removal as something that destroys their beauty and even makes them stop feeling that they are a woman. In its turn, society has stereotypical perceptions of female beauty and femininity in general. This doesn’t allow an operated woman to fit into beauty stereotypes. This either prevents women from undergoing surgery or delays their decision making process and women resort to surgery rather late, when it is already impossible to save their lives. The project will help raise public awareness of breast cancer once more and will contribute to breaking stereotypes among people. Direct beneficiaries of the project are women who have been operated upon and indirect beneficiaries are women in general, who are exhorted to undergo a medical examination at least once a year and prevent cancer. The project can save lives, also it can help psychologically numerous women who face similar challenges by showing them that it is possible to overcome a cancer and continue to live, feel self confident and be beautiful. This is a project to empower women and foster the quality of their lives after major shock they go through.


Now I work on a project "Here I am, Phoenix". I paint women who have overcome breast cancer or still fighting against it. These are real stories with real women who are not shy of their bodies and can tell about themselves and about their struggle. So, I would like to continue the project in Canada as a newcomer to find myself in a new place through my project and overcome my own struggles as an Immigrant and cancer survivor. I would like to represent 10 stories with 10 paintings and tell that the problem exists everywhere, and the struggle is fierce not only for body but also for mind. First to make an online exhibition portal, to represent the problem these women face. The women will pose online. I have painted 3 women while being in Toronto and I'd like to paint 7 more portraits of breast cancer survivors. The paintings created during the project will also be displayed online – via media and social networks- to inform as many people as possible. One information video, as well as photo series representing the project will be created. Additional, if the situation with Covid 19 in Canada allow, I would like to have outdoor exhibitions in public parks and maybe later an exhibition to raise the awareness of the problem through art.