Arshin Agashteh

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North York
Toronto , Ontario
M2N 7L4

Phone: 647-807-8841


As a visual artist, I have been painting about 18 years. My solo and group exhibitions have been shown not only in my country but also in some others like; Italy, USA, Kuwait, and UAE. After holding my bachelor degree in Clinical Psychology, I started to study painting, and after finishing the BA, I got master of art in Illustration. So, the psychological and humanistic of my characters are very important to me, and I try to discover the relationship and interaction between their experiences. The theme of my collections have been about kids, environment, animals and war. And, the concept of the new one is about the interaction between human and animals, and the aspects of their similarities, harmfulness and weak points. In Iran, my country, I taught visual art about ten years as an art instructor at University as far as painting in my own studio, but from last year when I came to Toronto, I am just painting on my new collection. Moreover, I have had two private students before pandemic situation. Eventually, at this time, I am just working on my painting project full time, and I hope to show them at one of the professional art galleries in Toronto.

Thoughts About Art and Community

The concept of my artworks are about the interaction between human and animals as the creations on the earth. And, I think I can impact the community of Toronto as a woodland city, where I live, in two ways. The first impact can be thinking more deeply about the interactions and effects of these two creatures which seems they had been in equal position, but contemporary humankind think he or she is prominent. These series of my artworks illustrate the similarities of them in feeling, biological aspects, and many kinds of their analogous experiences. The other part of my artworks which can impress my audiences is the way I use the elements of art and the technique. The mixture of drawing, painting, and the way of the installation I think can grab the eyes of them, and consequently they can engage in this concept of my idea.


As a visual artist, my main activity is painting with mixed media on canvas or wooden surface. I use many different kinds of colours such as oil colour, acrylic, and glass colour. Moreover, I apply some kinds of resins for reaching a shiny surface in some parts of my artworks. I do not only focus on painting as a classical style of art because nowadays we are living in a complicated society with many different aspects of experiences. So, the installation of my works are a part of my concept which helps me to have a better expression by visual elements. So, I offer the combination of painting and a kind of installation as the type of my activity.