Golbahar Hassanabadi

Organization Details

Toronto , Ontario


I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1986. I work in the style of Realism. In my paintings, drawings and prints, I aim to reflect on a journey of self-discovery and represent all the different sides of myself.I hold a Bachelor Degree in painting and drawing from Tehran University, and have private teaching experience. My work has been exhibited in many group exhibitions in Iran and Canada.. My last group exhibition at ArtScape in Toronto, started on the 8th of March 2020. I have been in Canada from 2014 and I am working so hard to find my place in art environment in Canada .

Thoughts About Art and Community

As an artist , one of my goal is communicating through my works with different cultures so Toronto is my ideal city because it is multicultural city .I hope I could make a bridge between the different and valuable cultures.


I can connect with different artists and gain an understanding of opportunities such as painting, drawing and printmaking workshops . I can show my artworks in the galleries or exhibitions . I am interested in curating some group exhibition. Farsi is my first language so I would like to help newcomer artists who can speak Farsi.