Sila Alici K.


I am a photographer and a digital storyteller. My work took me all over the Middle East and introduced me to those who were left behind, those who were unheard. I have photographed LGBTI, sex-worker and HIV positive refugees, members of communities who suffer from extreme poverty, agriculture workers, health workers, and children. My work strives to be the embodiment of the trust between the artist and the subject, captured through the lens. I have also experimented a lot with expressing myself through transmedia, trying to combine analog and digital together before diving into photography full time. During this time of experimentation I have produced pieces with 2D animation techniques with videography and illustration, and with digital rotoscoping and mixed media such as this one. It’s safe to say that my artistic expression has taken many shapes and forms throughout the years, but I feel most in my element as an artist when I’m behind the lens.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I have valuable experience working in three different continents, my background in the United Nations has really helped me become the creative mind I am today - I'd like nothing more than to share my experiences with Toronto communities and to help them thrive in any way that I can.


I can offer impactful storytelling narratives to communities, organizations and individuals. I can also conduct educational workshops on non-profit / community-first storytelling, branding for small companies and start ups, and graphic design consultancies.