Ghadeer Elghafri


Ghadeer Elghafri is a Palestinian-Canadian poet, singer, and actor. She is from Gaza, born and raised in Dubai, and living in Toronto. She is a new immigrant, warrior, healer, feminist, activist and advocate. She published her Arabic poetry in many newspapers and magazines in Dubai. She performed in dozens of poetry nights in Dubai and Toronto for 13 years. She read her Arabic poetry with English translation. She organized tens of multicultural multilingual open mic poetry nights in Toronto for 5 years. In 2017, Ghadeer was one of poets who were published in the Poetry ReRooted: Decolonizing Our Tongues chapbook. In 2018, her collective were awarded a grant of art literary project from the Toronto Arts Council to startup a Multilingual Poetry Collective. In 2020, she featured her childhood trauma poetry in Shab-e She’r poetry night series in Toronto. She read her childhood trauma poetry in an art exhibit at Daniels Spectrum. Her poem Alhuwiyya (The Identity) was accepted to be published in the anthology of Muslim American Writers At Home. The anthology will be published by Freedom Voices Publications in Summer 2020. It will be launched in San Francisco and Toronto. Her upcoming chapbook is Mad Vagina. Her vision in life is to touch millions of people hearts. Her mission is to spread love and peace through her art.

Thoughts About Art and Community

My vision is to support people in integrating in the Canadian art and culture in Toronto. It will help people who struggles with language barriers to learn English. It will exchange cultures and languages among people. It will improve people sense of art and English literature. It will make people active in the poetry scene. It will connect, engage and build communities in Toronto. It is a safe, inclusive, friendly, family, supportive and non-judgmental community space. It is a healing space through art for people with mental illnesses and disability. They come togather from different cultures to create, connect and have fun.


I host series of multicultural multilingual poetry nights around Toronto. People read their poetry in different languages with English translation. They can sing in different languages with translating the lyrics to English. They can play music with different musical instruments.