Amjad Barbour

Organization Details


Amjad Barbour is a Toronto based graphic artist, filmmaker and art mentor. He has been in the visual art field since 2006. Recently, he joined Scarborough arts as a marketing and communication assistant. Amjad has done his studies in graphic design, cinema and television. He graduated from Sheridan College in Canada after completing his studies in Art. His style in design ranges from Swiss style and Bauhaus to Eastern classic. Amjad’s work include graphic design, 2D motion graphic, conceptual art and documentaries. His work began to have more Swiss style themes after being influenced by late graphic designer Josef Müller-Brockmann. Likewise, his design style, process work, conceptual art and colour theory became inspired and shaped by his art teachers Val Fulford, Craig Bondy, Rafael Goldchain. Furthermore, his typography and layout work became impacted by graphic artists like Todd Barsanti and Mohammad Harb.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I work for Community Living Ontario as a graphic design mentor and offer the following: Mentoring students who have an intellectual disability and assisting them to develop their graphic design skills. Having one on one sessions to help students shaping their portfolio.Providing feedback and encouraging them to solve the design problems they have. Demonstrate ideas and opportunities to the mentees may not have observed on their own. I am also preparing for a solo digital art exhibition to support Sick Kids, as all proceeds will go to help them. Currently I'm working on a documentary film about creativity for graphic design student. The film will address the barriers of creativity and potential solutions.


Documentary. Video Editing. Graphic Design. 2D Motion Graphic