Grace Marquez Studio

Organization Details

Toronto , Ontario


I'm a painter based in Toronto Ontario. I'm also an avid technical diver and often dive caves and wrecks. I recently started painting again and have found that my two passions - painting and diving have come together in my art work. My paintings often begin while I’m diving and submerged in the water world. A dive site will slowly reveal its details and character to you much like a person. Certain areas come into focus as you come closer; details become distinguishable and I start to see the beauty of these spaces as compositions. The fluidity of water, the reflection of light hitting the water or bouncing off stone walls; illuminating steel or wooden spaces in wrecks or capturing the colourful alien-like coral. The variety and richness of the underwater world are the things I try to express. For me, it’s not so much about capturing the realism of the scenes as the feel of experiencing the wonder and essence of being underwater.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I would like my work to pique the Toronto community's curiosity in our water world. As a major city located on one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world, we are blessed to have access to so much water. The wrecks and dive sites I paint found in our Great Lakes, the Niagara River, the St. Lawrence river have so much history that I would not have discovered were it not for diving. My art strives to connect people to the water that they have access to in order to better conserve and respect that water for future generations.


I love leading small groups in art making. I enjoy working with seniors and have run art classes for them specifically adapted to their needs. I also enjoy and have experience tapping into the imaginations of young children to bring out their creativity through art.