Jessica Lin

Organization Details

Sunrise Avenue - near Victoria Park and O'Connor
Toronto , ON
M4A 1B3

Phone: 416-806-1585


Jessica Lin is a Toronto-based photographic artist with a love of travel and adventure. While traveling in France in 2008, she discovered her creative passion for photographing new places. Trips to Ireland, England, Scotland, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Japan, Cuba, and the Azores islands have built up her library of images capturing these other worlds. Jessica extracts elements from her various photographs and recomposes them to create images with surreal layers, and turn places into fantasies. She created her first collection in 2012 using images from her trip to France, which she exhibited at the Queen West Art Crawl in Toronto that year. Since that time, Jessica has participated in many art fairs across Ontario, and her work is now represented by five Canadian galleries, including the Art Gallery of Ontario's Rental & Sales Gallery. She has participated in three Artists’ Residencies – Alchemy at Artscape Gibraltar Point on the Toronto Islands, Once Upon Water on Pico Island in the Azores (Portugal), and most recently L’AiR Arts Research residency in Paris, France – all of which have had a lasting influence on her art practice. In 2018, Jessica was awarded Best in Show at the Ontario Society of Artists' 145th Annual Open Juried Exhibition, and her booth was awarded Best in Show at ArtWalk in the Square in 2019. Images of her work and details of upcoming events can be found at

Thoughts About Art and Community

In creating my abstract landscape artwork, I pull elements from various photographs I've taken and recompose them to create a new, unseen world. Throughout these pieces, the cycles of nature and the interconnectedness of everything (and everyone) are strong themes. By bringing out the magical in everyday objects and surroundings, I hope to enhance the viewer’s appreciation of the world around them. In my piece entitled “Serenity”, I explore themes of calmness and rebirth, believing that we all have the power to shape our lives and steer ourselves towards our dreams. By using many images of water, a meditative and peaceful environment is created for viewers. #TheSerenityExperience is an experimental installation revolving around this piece and incorporating other elements to engage the senses. My aim is to bring this piece to life for viewers to experience a deeper and more complete sense of calmness and connectedness. By sharing their reactions using #TheSerenityExperience hashtag, viewers become active participants in and contributors to the experience.


Immersive art experience, as described below, when an appropriate venue and/or event is available