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Ulysses De Paula was born in the crib of classic Samba in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Music has become his greatest passion and since 2000 has been working within the music industry: radios, events, tours, showcases and events in Brazil and abroad. In 2012, Ulysses became the Executive Director of SHOWZAÇO – A&R, Booking, Career and Tour Management company with offices located in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte (Brazil) and now in Toronto. In Portuguese, SHOWZAÇO means great concerts, new experiences! And that’s the company’s mission by providing business strategy expertise, developing music media, concerts, festivals, digital distribution to international music platforms and career management. Currently, besides being a Booking Agent licensed by the Canadian Federation of Music and he also works as a partner for Latino American 360 - the platform for cultural development, focused on developing the music industry and culture in Latin America, based in Mexico City. Ulysses holds a degree in Communications (Journalism), MBA in Marketing and Music Business at Metalworks Institute in Toronto

Thoughts About Art and Community

Building the bridge between Toronto’s Artists and South America


Manager , Booking Agent, and Tour Manager