Andy Lewis

Organization Details

Toronto , Ontario


I am a writer and independent filmmaker from the UK. I have produced award winning short and feature films (Press 1 for Redemption, Who You Know) and am currently working on my debut short film as a writer/director. I also write short stories, poetry, and am working on a novel. My fiction and poetry has been featured in six international publications and nominated for four awards, and I have written articles and film reviews for multiple entertainment websites. I am also co-founding the Orillia International Film Festival which will launch in 2020.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I aim to share LGBTQ+ stories that challenge, entertain, and resonate with audiences.


I offer script doctoring and story editing services, as well as producing, production management, directing, and writing. I also am happy to edit or provide feedback for fiction and poetry work - or to collaborate with any fiction or poetry writers.