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Toronto , Ontario

Phone: 4168066975


Born, raised, and trained in Toronto, Christine studied graphic art design at Humber College and attended Ryerson University for her education in film. The city’s multifaceted art scene served not only as her learning space but also became the fertile ground upon which her blossoming profession. Throughout her life, one valuable constant has been the time she and her family have spent in Trinidad and Tobago learning about, appreciating, and absorbing the country’s exceptional culture. So much so, it actively shaped the woman she is today. This ongoing experience fashioned an unquenchable passion alongside a ferocious commitment to the island’s culture in her heart. To her mind she would not be fulfilling her true potential, unless, she devoted her natural gifting to uplifting and supporting T&T’s creative industries. Her nom de plume, REALIONESS, is now a respected name in Caribbean entertainment circles. She works regularly with top entertainment influencers, including the very same Precision Productions she first approached, and AdvoKit Productions. Additionally artists have enjoyed and featured her graphic art in their promotional portfolios, giving her work a viewership that runs into the millions worldwide.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Promoting and the sustainability of Caribbean culture through art. Uplifting other artists, letting them know that their art has value despite not being a part of elitist art industry. Increasing our voice and our value.


Design campaigns, film direction, editing, pop art illustration, marketing for musicians