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Bathurst & Sheppard
North York , Ontario

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SafferArt I am an abstract contemporary symbolist artist. I work with all visual mediums. My stark textured aesthetic has a fierce expressive power and has a sense of movement and menace. As a symbolist artist I aim to express moods and emotions rather than the world around me, though I do not dismiss realism and naturalism or necessarily retreat into private realities. I select symbols by intuition, heritage and study developing paintings in rich hallucinatory colour in line with radical practices of the 21st century. Furthermore many canvases are haphazardly covered in blotches of colour simultaneously smudged by hand or scratched with a sharp palette! Currently I have engaged in performance art which I see as part of today’s mainstream art world which forms an essential truth that can be presented and understood for the benefit of humankind, from the truth of our emotional condition (expressionism). In closing most compositions though not necessarily groundbreaking present a more lyrical style aiming to awaken the capacity to experience the spiritual in material and in abstract phenomena.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Installation and performance art alone and with other Canadian artists; eco and symbolist art providing a platform for learning and detailing painting techniques and multimedia formats.


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