Jose Cifuentes

Organization Details

806 Lansdowne Avenue
Toronto , Ontario
M6H 4K2

Phone: 6477673261


I am an abstract artist from Medellin, Colombia now based in Toronto. Recipient of the Newcomer & Refugee Grant by Toronto Arts Council as an emerging artist. My professional career started in 2007 after graduating from college and took off in the city of Hoboken, USA where I had various exhibitions and the opportunity to create art in the Neumann-Leathers art community among great artists. My art consists of a mixture of thick knife strokes combined with free-hand illustrations, on canvas and recycled surfaces. I collect moods that are vividly represented in paint strokes, loose lines, drips and passionate splatters, depicting views of what freedom should be and should feel like, amidst the ideal marriage of fine and urban art.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I strive to inspire other immigrant artists to never stop creating and use the experiences we live as fuel to keep the creative flame alive. With my work, I would love to become a bridge between immigrants and art, and help those creative minds exploit their talents for their own benefit and that of their new country by showing it is possible.


I offer to collaborate and actively participate in art-related activities and volunteer to use my knowledge and skills for the better of the community. I paint, illustrate and work with web design, email marketing, social media and all things web.