Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir

Organization Details

Dewi Sant Welsh United Church, 33 Melrose Avenue
Toronto , Ontario
M5N 1Y6

Phone: 416-229-2483


The Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir (TWMVC) was established in 1995 when its founding member, Gwyn Roberts, gathered together a group of like-minded men of Welsh heritage to kindle the spirit of traditional Welsh male voice singing in their adopted country. Although many of the current members still lay claim to Welsh connections, the TWMVC has members from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The choir proudly draws on the great Welsh tradition of singing songs born of the mountains and valleys of Wales. At the same time it emphasizes a multicultural context in its broad repertoire including spirituals; operatic arias, Canadian folk songs as well as Broadway show tunes and contemporary music. Their blend of traditional and contemporary music, all sung off book, appeals to a broad audience. The Choir has performed in churches, cathedrals and concert halls in Canada, USA and Wales. In 2002 and 2013 the choir completed highly successful tours of Wales. During 2005 they toured Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. In 2008, the choir was invited to take part in a combined choir of 400 voices at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City and in 2010 the choir had a very successful tour of the Canadian Rockies. The choir was privileged to perform as the headline choir at the North American Festival of Wales in Rochester New York in 2017. In 2018 the choir completed a concert tour in Newfoundland. For more information visit

Thoughts About Art and Community

As the Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir enters another adventurous and robust season of choral performance, we wish to share with you our mission and promise to venture out and explore our common ground – an appreciation for beautiful songs that lift the human spirit. Our performance repertoire includes the simple message that what we have in common with one another far outweighs our differences. Our common ground is our humanity, and best expressed by what we at the TWMVC do best – support of choral traditions that have enriched the human experience through the ages. Come and experience the sounds of the TWMVC as we assemble in concert halls throughout this city, province and nation, with the idea that we can always improve ourselves and our great world by searching for the common ground in one another. We are privileged to offer you performances of traditional and newer repertoire, and we thank you for your continuing partnership in the success of this wonderful group of dedicated individuals.


RENT A CHOIR ( ) One of the best ways to boost attendance at a fundraising event is to book an evening (or afternoon) of entertainment for your supporters and potential donors. The TWMVC Welsh Choir has been entertaining audiences and bringing music lovers together for over 21 years. Many engagers are repeat customers who have reaped the benefits of hosting previous events featuring the Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir. COME SING WITH US ( ). The TWMVC is always welcoming new members from the GTA and surrounding regions. Over 70% of our choir come from outside the Welsh community. Our ranks have members from all nationalities and walks of life who love to sing and be a part of something that brings joy to others. We invite you to come and spend an evening with us!