Farrokh Nooroney

Organization Details

North York
Toronto , Ontario
m2n 7L4

Email: fnooroney@gmail.com


I am a newcomer and visual artist from Iran who has been working professionally in painting and making sculptures. It has been about ten years that I work and I have had numerous group and solo exhibitions in my country. Also, I have had some group show outside of Iran. I am graduated from Art university of Tehran which is one of the best art universities in Iran. In addition, I have been the first person for master of art who was accepted from the entrance exam from the all over the country. Being a freelance artist has always been my job and I am trying to keep this position in Canada.

Thoughts About Art and Community

As my subjects are animals in nature, I try to express the animal positions as creatures like human. Sometimes the shape of their body is similar to human body and I try to make a sympathy for them. There are some utopia in my paintings that all kinds of animals are living together with human. I follow my imagination to make an atmosphere of the ideal world which people can put themselves into animals and see the world from their perspective; what they need, what they see, and what they follow. This point of view has been my target to share the people all over the world and I think the Toronto community can be involved with them.


I do painting and making sculpture. These two areas are my professional field and sometimes some of my art exhibitions have been the mixes of painting and sculptures. The subjects of my artworks are usually about nature and animals in different techniques. Most of my sculptures are animals.