June Tenzin

Organization Details

2 Murray street
Toronto , Ontario
M5T 1T7


Phone: 647-530-7450


I am coming from the prosecuted refugee political family, thank you to my mother, who instilled the love of art from an early age. I graduated from the prestigious Stroganov Moscow Academia of Industrial and Applied Arts were specialized in the Architecture for Civic structures and, industrial design interior design and paintings. Although constantly haunted and impeded by my family's social activism and political refugee past, I earned a Master of Fine Arts Degree. Member of the International Association of Art - UNESCO I dedicated the following 28 years to studying Buddhist Paintings, philosophy, architecture and ancient Buddhist language. The greatest challenge for me now is to continue my journey as a free human being and an artist in a new land. There are many things I am eager to learn or relearn and to make a contribution to the culture of my new home city. When I'm engaged in my art-making, be it drawing or painting I am at my best and feel harmonious with my surroundings. July 2018 - Brave festival Waterfront. Festival of Risk and Failure; August 2018 - On future: Words and Images Toronto Centre for the Arts ; February 2019- Newcomer Spotlight Celebration: Toronto Arts Foundation; May 2019- Geographies of Belongings; Toronto City Hall In 2018- Certificate "Art Connections " TESS, City of Toronto In 2018 - RBC Arts Supply Fund Award. In 2019 July - Toronto Outdoor Art Fair Upcoming 2019 Artist in the Library

Thoughts About Art and Community

My hope is that my artwork will inspire many Torontonians, born here or recently arrived, especially those touched by persecution and injustice. Like me, many people have come to Canada seeking a peaceful existence. Many have achieved great things for themselves and their new communities; I look forward to the day when I too can be a catalyst for positive change and a contributor to the arts.


I am was a peer-leader at Access Alliance Multicultural center, my duties and responsibilities were to organize a weekly workshop, lead group discussions. My paintings were displayed at Access Alliance on Danford for celebrating events. I have actively participated in organizing and designed posters and placards to march in "Pride Parade" and event to rally against racism. I am currently applying for a volunteering position at St Stephen's Community House, Kensington Market at the Art for Youth Programme. My main inspiration now to prepare an exhibition at my shelter where I am living currently at Vance Latchford Place. It is our home, I am happy to prepare paintings for my home neighbours at home, who come from different parts of Canada and the world.