Leen Hamo

Organization Details

19 Leuty Ave
Toronto , Ontario

Phone: 6473325281
Email: leen.hamo.91@gmail.com


I am a musician from Syria, moved to Canada in December 2016 now living and performing as a vocalist and violinist in Toronto. I’m currently a member of the Canadian Arabic Orchestra’s Choir Ensemble and the lead vocalist of the Diar band. I also teach violin in the Canadian Arabic Conservatory in Mississauga. My music career and education started in 2000 in Syria at the Arabic institute of music in Aleppo, where I developed my understanding to the music theory. 
 I worked in Turkey for two years as a violin teacher at ASSAM (a Turkish Non-profit) in 2016 where I held art and music sessions for refugees. Upon Moving to Toronto in 2016, I engaged with Canadian Arabic Orchestra as a member of the Choir Ensemble and a Violin Tutor in their Conservatory. My participation in the Choir ensemble allowed me to sing beside professional vocalists and instrumentalists at major venues in Toronto, Waterloo, Montreal, Mississauga, and in Vancouver, Calgary, and Halifax. Additionally, I participated as a choirist in two rounds of the Festival of Arabic Music and Arts (FAMA). 
In 2018, I founded a trio of Syrian-Canadian musicians consisting of a guitarist, percussionist and myself as the lead vocalist and violinist. The band’s name, Diar, represents our attempt to revive Arabic music with a touch of Flamenco fusion.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Through my engagement with the Canadian Arabic Orchestra’s Choir Ensemble, I contribute the Orchestra’s vision in connecting Canadian Arabs with their background and introducing Arabic culture to the Canadian Audience and reviving the Arabic classical music. 

On the other hand, through my experience with Diar band، I aim to re-introduce the Syrian classical music in particular, and the Arabic classical music in general, to the Canadian society in large and the Canadian with Arabic background. Our work, therefore, contributes positively to the Canadian Artistic scene and coexistence between the components of the Canadian Society. 
My contribution to reconnect Canadian Arabs with their roots is also evident in my work as violin teacher where I help many young kids of Arabic background learn the basics about Arabic music and culture, and appreciate where they come from. 


I offer concerts and music events where I present Syrian and Arabic music in many forms. 
I also give violin lessons at the Arabic music conservatory.I started my career as a violin teacher in Canada August 2019. I give my experience in both Arabic and western classical music to the students of the Canadian Arabic Conservatory in Mississauga.

With Diar, a Syrian trio band, I perform as a violinist and vocalist since August 2018 in in downtown at different venues, festivals such as Kulturen also at UofT events. Through these events we don’t only show our music but also educate about Arabic music and musicians. We tell stories from our history and culture. Recently we recorded our first original composition with So Far Toronto Sounds and we are currently developing our first album. 
 With Diar, I contribute to the Arabic music repertoire by re-producing original compositions to reconnect Young Canadians of Arabic background with their roots. My artistic background is rooted in the traditional music genre of “Muwashahat,” which Aleppo, my hometown, is most famous for. In my compositions, I explore classical pieces and fuse them with Flamenco music to present a contemporary concept of Arabic music. 

At the Canadian Arabic Conservatory, I teach beginner kids of ages six to fourteen years old how to play violin.