Organization Details


NAG is a Toronto-based multi-disciplinary French-Iranian artist. After leaving her homeland Iran, she obtained her B.A. in Visual Arts from Universite de Paris 8 (France) and got her Master’s degree in Arts from Universite du Quebec a Chicoutimi (Canada). Living in France for nearly 12 years, she developed her artistic practice and has held numerous exhibitions including installations, video projection, sound, mixed media and photography. Her preferred topics are related to her own story of immigration and cultural assimilation, uprootedness, women’s rights, gender equality and resilience, expressed through fragmented materials and narratives. She tries to find an imaginary link between events, beings, belongings and destinies by assembling materials that usually don't fit together. NAG ultimately seeks harmony in juxtaposition of objects and art techniques to rebuild an impromptu puzzle. Having adopted the western way of life, she questions consumption, accumulation and purpose, by giving a new life to outdated and broken things that she integrates in her artworks.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I aim to produce and showcase works that question the status of immigrant women in Canada, especially around the cultural adaptation of middle eastern women who fight endlessly for their rights and gender equality. In some ways it parallels my own story of exile and displacement. I would like to highlight the daily struggle of Iranian women for equality, that lacks coverage in the public debate as well as the way that they cope with difficulties and turn things around to make existence more liveable. My work will try to reveal the constant struggle between blending in the new society and keeping one’s original culture. How being resilient can help one to have the courage to go back to square one or to choose a different path in life? How do immigrants react psychologically and physically to a sudden change like freedom of speech or abundance? How do they integrate the basics of democracy when they have never experienced it before? Through the use of videos and projections I’ll invite the community to express thoughts and anecdotes of their own story of immigration. This can be a witness to the courage of all immigrants especially women who leave everything behind and try to be worthy of the new community they tend to integrate.


Installations, video, sound, mixed media, photography, drawings