Organization Details

Toronto , Ontario
M6A 1Z4

Phone: 416 964 7298


MYTORONTO is a photography contest and skills-based training program for people affected by homelessness and poverty. Participants gain experience in taking pictures, connect with a community of peers, receive recognition and have the opportunity to earn income.

Thoughts About Art and Community

MYTORONTO goes beyond artistry as it seeks to challenge the public's perspectives on issues of poverty and homelessness in our city. MYTORONTO aims to: - Inspire over 100 people affected by homelessness to create sustainable change in their lives through confidence building and the acquisition of photography and sales skills. - Encourage participants to partake in a photography contest and program. - Empower 13 winning photographers, featured in products, through speaking engagements and the recognition of their talent. - Provide part-time income for photographers and other vendors through the sale of the MYTORONTO products such as the 2020 calendar and greeting cards.


MYTORONTO recruits people affected by homelessness to participate in an annual photography contest. The program offers creative workshops for the photographers and trains and facilitates participants to sell products, which will provide them with part-time income. The photography contest results in an annual photo exhibit open to the public to enjoy the winning photographs. The MYTORONTO photography exhibit showcases 40 photos taken by the participants. Among these, the top 13 photos are featured in the MYTORONTO calendar and greeting cards. The photographers who take these winning photos are awarded prizes.