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145 finch ave west
Toronto , On


Phone: 6478305035
Email: ibrahim.koc@yahoo.com


Ibrahim Koc was born in Mersin to a family of former Nomads (Yörük). As a youngster he learned the craft of a metal smith in the forge of his elder brother before he studied Fine Arts. He started his Fine Art Education at Mersin University which is in his hometown, then moved to Istanbul and graduated from the Marmara University Faculty of Fine Art, Sculpture Department. He continued to a Masters Degree at Mimarsinan Fine Art Academy in Istanbul. In his previous work figurative narration and the sub-meanings are pointed out. In the process of his artistic production, he aims to reverse the symbols underlying the images or minds regardless of the content, material or technique that he uses. Think of discovering new ways of reading the images by reflecting subjective and social queries. It is a link to the current state of Ibrahim Koç’s artistic oeuvre, which is changing from sculpture to object based works in combination with sound, light, video and installation. In contrast to its title, the project is full of thoughts, references and concepts, which critically comment on the actual state of art and its context. After his Masters Degree he worked as an art lecturer at Istanbul Technical University for 3 years. Then he moved to Melbourne –Australia and work and live there until 2016. He is member of AIAP (UNESCO). He is currently living and creating in Toronto – Canada. He participated in many international exhibitions and symposiums.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I am doing metal sculpture about 15 years. I am new comers to Canada and would like to share my art with Toronto Communities. My style is really different and that would be really good for me and for the Torontonian art lovers.


Sculpture Exhibition