White Mills Theatre Co

Organization Details

Toronto , Ontario
Email: whitemillstheatrecoPR@gmail.com


Named for its founders, Brandon White and Shannon Mills, White Mills Theatre Co. engages interdisciplinary artists from diverse backgrounds—creating theatre that is immersive, process-driven, and inclusive for all audiences. Specializing in devised theatre and site-specific opera, the company is committed to developing productions that are accessible to both audience members and performers alike. With this in mind, their work favours historic settings and local emerging artists.

Thoughts About Art and Community

We are focused on engaging and producing theatre that is inclusive and accessible to all audiences with a strong focus on site-specific immersive theatre in historic settings.


We are a theatre company that produces immersive, site-specific theatre. Though initially a producer of opera, White Mills Theatre Co. is currently producing its first non-operatic production in Toronto's Fringe Festival titled "Ether."