Nellys Garcia

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North York M2M 1C1 - steps to Finch Station east
North York , Ontario
M2M 1C1

Phone: 6477135123


I am a Venezuelan visual artist currently based in Toronto. I studied at the School of Visual Art Armando Reverón and The Beija Flor School of Art with the well-known visual artist Miguel Jimenez, and Lineal and Architectural Drawing in INCE, Venezuela. I have been art instructor since 2006 My artistic name is NellysGarciArt, working towards achieving a balance between contemporary and classic painting techniques in contemporary realism has been my lifelong pursuit in oil, acrylic and mixed media. My work reflects the characteristics of different cultures. I paint in a large format where classical painting techniques are used to define the main character and capture nature and human sensuality, while all the other elements demonstrate contemporary techniques using vibrant colours, quality of light, forceful brush and pallet strokes. I am very active in the Toronto arts community as art instructor, employed in Delmanor, Legacy Collective, Bernard Betel Centre, Barbara Frum library, through North York Arts, and as a volunteer at John B. Aird Gallery, Legacy Collective, Canadian Foundation for Education CAFE, Bloor Information and Life Skill Center, CARFAC. I have participated in over 35 collective and solo exhibitions, winning The Community Choice Award Opening Doors Art Exhibition 2017 at MNLCT. My work has been featured in various newspapers. I was AKIN Studio, today I have my own studio.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Toronto comunity enjoy the Canada's art project, developing and applying arts trough the comunity, as a medium by achieve a happy, healthy, creative, productive, and included community, for that reasos, my participation as artist impact positively on Toronto community, also on myself as part of torontocommunity.


Painting and drawing workshops