Organization Details

Toronto , Ontario


My name is Yassmin, I am organically from Egypt, I came to Canada in 2017. I graduated form Ein Shams university in Cairo ,Diploma in Arts Studies in 2015 . I worked as an art teacher at Elzaytoun Library from 2015-2017. I designed a brand name KOVO for genuine leather and accessorise. In June 26, 2018 I participated in the International Day of Support for Victims of Torture-Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture In April 2019 I participated with Turtlehouse in clay ceramic museum In May 16 2019 I participated in the 5th annual Newcomer Day

Thoughts About Art and Community

The feed back on my work from the people I worked and join them during the training most of the time was very good ,people comments are very motivated ,encouraging and supportive. In addition many clients asks for my contact information to connect with me for future training and learning opportunities .


I offer different types of activities such as; 1-Drawing, design example; jewellery's, accessories frames, bags, mosaic, stencil. 2-Recycling 3-Designing drawing ,painting and coloring on glass 4-Ceramic