Toronto Chinese Orchestra

Organization Details

Scarborough , Ontario
M1S 4R5


Toronto Chinese Orchestra is a non-profit organization established in 1993 by a group of Chinese traditional music enthusiasts. TCO is the largest Chinese orchestra in Ontario and the longest running in Canada. Members include professional and amateur musicians trained in Asia as well as Canada. TCO’s purpose is to promote and develop an appreciation of Chinese orchestral music and culture amongst Canadians. For over 20 years, TCO has continued to be a strong presence in this multicultural community. In addition to performing in many concerts, TCO holds educational workshops in schools and participates in community fundraising events, cultural events, festivals, and celebrations across Ontario.

Thoughts About Art and Community

We strive to provide a venue for Chinese immigrants to build rapport with Chinese Canadians through a mixture of traditional Chinese music as well as contemporary Chinese music, and through this process develop a sound that is uniquely Chinese Canadian. We also strive to provide an educational platform where anyone curious about Chinese music or instruments can get first hand experience on their topic of interest.


Performances, educational workshops focusing on Chinese instruments and/or Chinese traditional music