Siavash Kavehmaryan


Siavash Kaveh is an Iranian-electronic composer/performer, based in Toronto. He integrates technology and computer-assisted sounds in Iranian traditional music to explore novel sonic experiences in his quest to build a broader musical landscape, originated from a wider range of sounds and musical genres. In his music, the art of traditional Iranian music is no longer limited to the sounding modals of its instruments and voices, whereas it experiences a radical musical field ranging from the real to the surreal and beyond. His works transcend the compositional forms of Iranian traditional music and its instrumental gestures into the realm of wide-open synthesized music. Siavash graduated in Iranian Music Performance specialized in kamancheh and daf from the University of Art in Iran 2011. Later he became passionate in synthesized sounds and obtained his Master's degree in Music Technology from the University of Toronto in 2019. He is a gold medalist of the second national Kamancheh Competition of the Spring Festival of University of Art with more than a decade of experience playing solo and chamber music -the highlight is his solo performance of Mychael Dana’s score with Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Roy Thomson Hall. He also has many years of experience composing and arranging Iranian music for several accomplished ensembles inside and outside of Iran. He has published his music album "The Dam" recently.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I wish to promote music and art in general.


Iranian-electronic music, kamanche and daf performance, music theory, computer application in music, sound design