Wayne Dunkley

Organization Details

Toronto , ON
M8V 0C1

Email: wayneis@whatdoyoufeelwhen.com


Wayne Dunkley is a visual artist, storyteller, voice-actor and educator with a social practice that includes photography, digital media, community development, lectures and workshop facilitation. Dunkley’s practice examines what it means to be human as we encounter those who appear different from ourselves, emphasizing personal transformation and empathy as strategies to address the pressing issues of our day such as racism, sexism, ageism and other behaviours. Wayne currently resides in Toronto and has also lived and worked in Montreal, Edmonton and San Francisco.

Thoughts About Art and Community

Dunkley’s practice is rooted in social engagement with a commitment to facilitating an artistic and contemporary approach that brings new thinking to old problems. Our city needs alternative methods of addressing the conversation about all prejudices, racism, sexism, ageism, genderism, ableism and others. I believe it is possible to take ownership of our own actions and attitudes so we can find ways to relate better. This is how we can continue to build personal relationships, neighbourhoods and cities that are a model for others to follow. It’s not about choosing sides, it’s about creating other ways. To be.