Terri Mittelmann

Organization Details

376 Spring Gate Blvd
Thorhill , Ontario
L4J 4K6


Phone: 6475017640
Email: terri@get2give.com


I have been creating fused glass art for 11 years. With an academic background in science and a lifelong love of creating using virtually all mediums (paint, textile, clay, paper, etc) I discovered my love of creating with glass about 15 years ago serendipitously. After a brief period concentrating on copper foil and sandblasting techniques, I quickly fell in love with the contemporary lines and look of fused glass. Each of my projects is cut and fashioned individually and in many cases, involve extensive client consultation. Encouraging clients to provide inspiration and design has resulted in the creation of works that are highly personalized and greatly appreciated. I truly enjoy this dynamic of collaboration and have found that it immensely challenges my creativity and concurrently fuels it . Each piece I create requires a minimum of 4 firings in the kiln and by heating the hand cut sheet and blown glass at a variety of temperatures and schedules, I am able to achieve a highly sculptural result with an abundance of texture, draping , and flow. Working predominantly in the cool range of colours, has resulted in works that although bursting with vibrant hues, also have a hypnotic, meditative aesthetic. With clients in Canada, the U.S., South America and Israel, I have enjoyed providing both decorative Wall Panels, functional serveware pieces, honoree awards and Judaica.

Thoughts About Art and Community

I believe that participating in hands on art seminars can bring out a sense of empowerment, a feeling of psychological calming, a therapeutic release from the stresses of everyday life. Creativity can be found within each of us and its positive affects are independent of race, creed, religion, social economic status, and traditional school smarts. Just participating in the creating of something whose sum exceeds its parts is incredibly empowering. Having the ability to work with an artist and through that artist, which is the opportunity that I provide to clients, nurtures and even greater appreciation for the work they commission and will enjoy in their home/work space.


Most of my time is spent completing client commission. I also have run several 1 and 2 session seminars for small groups of adults and for 5 years as an instructor and then director of a school sponsored weekly art program.