Ontario Place

Organization Details

955 Lake Shore Blvd. West
Toronto , Ontario
M6K 3B9


Phone: 416-314-9900
Email: info@ontarioplace.com


Ontario Place is an agency of the Government of Ontario that features 155 acres of breathtaking waterfront property in Toronto. The iconic location is a venue for activities, live music, festivals, events and more. Re-opened as a beautiful public space, the previously closed Ontario Place left behind its theme park days and blossomed into a park that honours the landscape and brings people of all ages and communities together.

Thoughts About Art and Community

We have a rich history in Toronto and Ontario and offer an accessible space for people who are looking for a cottage like environment close to the city. We currently have our Winter Program and welcome people to enjoy skating, warming up by our communal bonfire, taking in some art and culture by visiting our Winter Light Exhibition which features 18 illuminating exhibits created by local and award winning artists. For those looking for indoor activities, we have the Cinesphere, the first permenant IMAX in the world which offers a wide variety of films both adult and kid friends. Best of all, access to the park is FREE!


Art, skating, films, outdoor activities, park land.